New MAX Grip tyres reifen for the rear of the Carrera Evolution DTM slot cars

These MAX Grip Carrera slot car tyres are used on the Carrera DTM slot cars. Carrera slot car tire reifenset 89800.

Carrera Evolution slot car reifenset 89800 MAX Grip tyres for the DTM cars


These new tyres are direct replacements for the original tyres fitted to the Carrera Evolution slot cars listed below, see above image. They are available in MAX Grip versions. Carrera Evolution slot car tire reifen 89800.

These new hand made MAX Grip tyres are unique to Scalextric Car Restorations and give the absolute maximum in performance at all times. Cornering and acceleration will all be at their maximum with these tyres. They give the very best performance possible on all track surfaces at all times. Simply put we have not yet discovered a better tyre for grip and race performance.

The MAX Grip tyres are hand moulded from 29 Shore A hardness rubber which is a very high grip material.

The tyres are smooth treaded and have a smooth tyre sidewall.


Size (mm)
Outside Diameter
Inside Diameter
Overall Width


2 off MAX Grip tires - £4.50

Common applications


27438 Audi A5 DTM   Rear
27439 Audi A5 DTM   Rear
27440 AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM   Rear
27441 AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM   Rear
27442 BMW M3 DTM   Rear
27443 BMW M3 DTM   Rear
27447 Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3   Rear
27453 Audi A5 DTM   Rear
27454 Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3   Rear
27468 BMW Z4 GT3   Rear
27469 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R   Rear
27473 Audi A5 DTM   Rear
27476 AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM   Rear
27479 BMW Z4 GT3   Rear
27491 AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM   Rear
27499 BMW M4 DTM   Rear
27508 BMW M4 DTM   Rear
27509 Audi A5 DTM   Rear
27510 AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM   Rear
27512 BMW Z4 GT3   Rear
27513 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R   Rear
27519 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R   Rear
27531 Mercedes AMG GT3   Rear
27532 Audi R8 LMS   Rear
27533 Ford GT LM   Rear
30657 Audi A5 DTM   Rear
30658 Audi A5 DTM   Rear
30659 AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM   Rear
30660 AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM   Rear
30661 BMW M3 DTM   Rear
30662 BMW M3 DTM   Rear
30666 Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3   Rear
30673 BMW M3 DTM   Rear
30674 Audi A5 DTM   Rear
30675 AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM   Rear
30676 Aston Marti V12 Vantage GT3   Rear
30699 BMW Z4 GT3   Rear
30700 BMW Z4 GT3   Rear
30701 Chevrolet Corvette C7R   Rear
30713 BMW Z4 GT3   Rear
30738 BMW M4 DTM   Rear
30739 BMW M4 DTM   Rear
30740 BMW M4 DTM   Rear
30741 Audi RS 5 DTM   Rear
30742 AMG Mercedes C-Coupe DTM   Rear
30744 BMW Z4 GT3   Rear
30745 Chevrolet Corvette C7R   Rear
30752 Chevrolet Corvette C7R   Rear
30767 Mercedes-AMG GT3   Rear
30769 Audi R8 LMS   Rear
30770 Audi R8 LMS   Rear
30771 Ford GT LM   Rear



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