New Scalextric tyres for vintage Scalextric Javelin, Electra and Powersledge cars

These Scalextric tyres were used extensively from the late 1960 to the mid 1970s

Available in standard grip and MAX Grip versions

Rear Scalextric tyres for Javelin and Electra Scalextric cars

The MAX Grip tyres are pictured above.

2 off Standard grip tyres - £4.00

10 off Standard grip tyres - £15.00

2 off MAX Grip tyres - £6.00



These new Scalextric tyres are direct replacements for the original tyres fitted to the vintage Scalextric cars listed below. They are available in standard grip and MAX Grip versions.

The new standard grip tyres give great performance on the classic Scalextric track yielding the grip we all seek. This increased grip is especially good if the classic Scalextric cars are used on the modern smooth Scalextric Sport track.

The standard grip tyres are treaded and have no writing on the tyre sidewall.

The new hand made MAX Grip tyres are unique to Scalextric Car Restorations and give the absolute maximum in performance at all times. Cornering and acceleration will all be at their maximum with these tyres. They give the very best performance possible on all track surfaces at all times. Simply put we have not yet discovered a better tyre for grip and race performance.

The MAX Grip tyres are hand moulded from 29 Shore A hardness rubber which is a very high grip material.

The MAX Grip tyres are treaded and have the words SCALEXTRIC RACING written on the tyre sidewall.


Size (mm)
Outside Diameter
Inside Diameter
Overall Width


Common applications


C3 Javelin   Rear
C4 Electra   Rear
C5 Europa Vee Front  
C6 Panther Front  
C8 Lotus Indianapolis Front  
C9 Ferrari V8 F1 Front  
C10 Super Javelin   Rear
C11 Super Electra   Rear
C13 Tiger Special   Rear
C14 Matra MS11 Front  
C15 Ford Mirage   Rear
C16 Ferrari P4   Rear
C17 Lamborghini Miura   Rear
C18 Ford 3L GT   Rear
C22 Porsche 917   Rear
C23 Scaletti Arrow   Rear
C24 Team Car Mk II Front  
C28 Renault Alpine   Rear
C36 Honda RA273 Front  
C37 BRM Front  
C40 Chaparral GT   Rear
C46 Porsche 917K   Rear
C48 Tyrrell Ford 002 Front  
C095 Ford 3L GT Power and Glory   Rear
C096 Ferrari P4 Power and Glory   Rear
4040 Chaparral GT   Rear
YS103 Javelin   Rear
YS115 Ford Mirage   Rear
YS116 Ferrari P4   Rear
YS117 Lamborghini Miura   Rear
YS118 Ford 3L GT   Rear



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