New Scalextric tyres tires for the Lister Storm, Maserati MC12, McLaren SLR Scalextric cars

These tyres were used extensively in the during the 2000s for the Scalextric GT cars (W8903)

Scalextric tyres tires Lister Storm, Maserati MC12, McLaren SLR, W8903
2 off MAX Grip tyres W8903 - £4.50


These new hand made MAX Grip tyres are unique to Scalextric Car Restorations and give the absolute maximum in performance at all times. Cornering and acceleration will all be at their maximum with these tyres. They give the very best performance possible on all track surfaces at all times. Simply put we have not yet discovered a better tyre for grip and race performance.

These MAX Grip tyres are hand moulded from 29 Shore A hardness rubber which is a very high grip material.

The tyres are smooth treaded and have a smooth tyre sidewall.


Size (mm)
Outside Diameter
Inside Diameter
Overall Width


Common applications


C1336 Aston Martin DB10 - Spectre set   Rear
C1336 Jaguar C-X75 - Spectre set   Rear
C2521 Lister Storm   Rear
C2630 Maserati MC12   Rear
C2632 Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR   Rear
C2658 Lister Storm   Rear
C2678 Maserati MC12   Rear
C2728 Maserati MC12   Rear
C2753 Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR   Rear
C2756 Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR F1 safety car   Rear
C2784 Maserati MC12   Rear
C2809 Audi R10   Rear
C2904 Maserati MC12   Rear
C2995 Ford GT 2003   Rear
C3017 Maserati MC12   Rear
C3355 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Front Rear



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