Scalextric contrate gear large yellow for classic Scalextric truck / lorry

This type of Scalextric gear was used for classic trucks, Datsun 4x4 and the Rover 3500 Marshal car

Scalextric truck spares contrate gear large yellow for lorry


These Scalextric gears are new and unused.

This large yellow rear axle gear can be used in conjunction with the motor pinion gears also available from Scalextric Car Restorations.



Common Applications


C301 Roadtrain Mobil Saudia Leyland 1
C328 Datsun 4x4 King Cab 1
C329 Datsun 4x4 King Cab 1
C335 Parmalat Roadtrain 1
C340 Rover 3500 Marshals car 1
C343 Datsun 4x4 King Cab 1
C344 Datsun 4x4 Falcon 1
C367 Datsun 4x4 highwayman 1
C368 Datsun 4x4 Hawaiian Cruiser 1
C370 T45 Team Roadtrain 1



If you are not sure if this gear is required for your classic Scalextric car, lorry or truck then please contact us we can help you.
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