Scalextric car decal set for vintage Scalextric RACE TUNED cars

These car decals were used for the Race Tuned Scalextric cars

Scalextric decal set for Race Tuned cars


This Scalextric RACE TUNED Scalextric car decal kit contains:

  • 2 off 'RACE TUNED' water slide decals
  • 3 off self adhesive number roundels
  • 1 off self adhesive stripe

The 'Race Tuned' decals are printed on water slide decal sheets, the number roundels are printed on matt paper and stripe are printed on high gloss paper, just like the vintage Scalextric originals. The racing number may vary from that shown.



Instructions for water slide decals:

1. Cut out your designs using a craft knife or pair of scissors. Cut carefully around the object if you do not want a white border.
2. Place the cut out decal into a bowl of water for 10-30 seconds. You can feel with your fingers the decal slipping away from the backing paper.
3. Place the decal onto your Scalextric car and slowly pull away the backing paper.
4. Use a lint free cloth to carefully dab the surface of the decal, this will help soak up excess water and smooth out any air bubbles.
5. Leave the decals to dry for 24 hours or use a hairdryer if you want to dry them quicker.


Instructions for the self adhesive decals:

1. Ensure the location for the decal is clean, dry and grease free.
2. Remove the backing paper from the decal.
3. Apply the decal with firm even pressure.


Note: the water slide decals must be applied before the self adhesive decals




If you can't see the vintage Scalextric decal sheet you want then please contact us we can help you.
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