Scalextric decals for vintage 'Race Tuned' Scalextric cars

This Scalextric decal kit comprises 16 individual 'Race Tuned' decals

Scalextric decal sheet


Unique to Scalextric Car Restorations, this Scalextric decal kit comprises 16 individual Race Tuned decals.

  • 8 black decals
  • 8 orange decals

The decals are printed on clear water slip decal sheets.


1. Cut out the decal using a craft knife or pair of scissors.

2. Place the cut out decal into a bowl of water for 10-30 seconds. You can feel with your fingers the decal slipping away from the backing paper.

3. Place the decal onto your Scalextric car and slowly pull away the backing paper.

4. Use a lint free cloth to carefully dab the surface of the decal, this will help soak up excess water and smooth out any air bubbles.

5. Leave the decals to dry for 24 hours or use a hairdryer if you want to dry them quicker.


Common applications

C001 Alpine Renault
C002 Matra Jet
C003 Javelin
C004 Electra
C005 Europa Vee
C006 Panther
C007 Mini Cooper
C008 Lotus Indianapolis
C008a Lotus Indianapolis
C009 Ferrari V8 F1
C010 Super Javelin
C011 Super Electra
C014 Matra MS11
C014a Matra MS11
C015 Ford Mirage
C016 Ferrari P4
C017 Lamborghini
C018 Ford 3L GT
C019 Mercedes 190E
C077 Ford GT40
C078 A.C. Cobra
C079 Offenhauser. (Front engine)
C080 Offenhauser. (Rear engine)
C083 Sunbeam Tiger
C084 Triumph TR4a
C087 Vanwall
C088 Cooper
C089 BRM P25
C090 Ferrari 156
C091 Jaguar 'D' Type
C092 Porsche Spyder
C093 Austin Healy Sports red
C093 Tyrrell Ford 007
C094 Ferrari 312B
C094 Mercedes 190 SL
C095 Ford 3L
C096 Ferrari P4
C096 Auto Union 'C' Type
C099 Fiat 600


If you are not sure if these Scalextric decals are suitable for your vintage Scalextric car then please contact us we can help you.
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