Vintage Scalextric rear axle for the 1970s GT cars

This type of rear axle was used during the 1970s for the GT cars fitted with the blue can Raymond motor

Rear axle


This vintage Scalextric rear axle comes complete with the unique alloy housing and two fixing screws. It is a refurbished item for the axle assembly used on the cars listed below.


Axle and housing - £10.49

Common applications


C3 Javelin Special
C4 Electra Special
C10 Super Javelin Race Tuned
C11 Super Electra Race Tuned
C13 Tiger Special Sports
C15 Ford Mirage
C16 Ferrari P4 Race
C17 Lamborghini Miura
C18 Ford 200 GT



If you are not sure if this axle is for your Scalextric car then please contact us we can help you.
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