7 ways to get more tyre grip from your Scalextric tyres

Improve the racing performance of your Scalextric car with these simple hints and tips

In order for your Scalextric car to give the best lap times under race conditions the track and car must both be in the best of condition. This list below will cure most Scalextric car grip problems.

1. Clean your track
Very often there is a thin layer of dust on Scalextric track. This dust acts as a barrier between the rubber of the tyre and the plastic surface of the track. Before use, clean away this dust with a damp cloth. The track must be dried immediately to prevent corrosion setting in.

2. Clean your tyres
This dust and other debris can build up on your Scalextric car tyres too. This can also be cleaned off with a damp cloth.

3. Remove the oxides
Over time the rubber surface of your tyres can oxidise forming a thin hard, non grippy layer. If thin enough this layer can be sanded off with around 100 grit sand paper or the modern equivalents. This will bring fresh rubber into play and can give great improvements in grip levels.

4. Replace your tyres
If the tyre is deeply oxidised or cracked then replacement tyres is the only answer. Replacement tyres are available for just about all the Scalextric cars ever made - even the really old ones.

5. Use better tyres
To give an even better improvement in grip over a good original Scalextric tyre then use MAX Grip tyres. Manufactured from 29 Shore A hardness rubber, grip doesn't get much better than this.

6. Add some weight
As friction is proportional to the downward force acting on the rear tyres of a Scalextric car then adding weight over the rear tyres will improve grip. Adding weight is, however, a balancing act as the weight will need to be accelerated, braked, and go around corners. This is a great way to fine tune the grip level wanted.

7. Use a magnet
Finally the way that Scalextric have used for years. Adding a magnet near to the rear axle adds downward force with little weight, especially the powerful Neodymium magnets. The magnet is attracted to the steel rails of the track giving the downward force. Again, this solution can be tuned by placing the magnet nearer or further away from the track rails.


There are many other possible solutions that can be used but these are the main solutions used. This is intended as a simple guide only. If the information above does not give you the grip you want then contact us for further information.



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